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The Practice of Mental Health November 16, 2009

Posted by Leslee in mental health, Neurofeedback, Research.
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The founders of Synaptic Connections believe that mental health is not a gift or an elusive blessing to possess or lose, but a constant practice. True mental health is a capability inherent in all people, regardless of circumstance. Because your brain is an organ, not a mysterious entity, you have the ability to self-heal with targeted psychotherapies, neuronutritional therapies, neurotransmitter balancing, immune regulation, detoxification and neurofeedback. Such an approach takes commitment, practice and quite literally, an open mind. The good news is that, like our teachers and coaches always said, practice makes perfect, and with appropriate therapies, the brain is able to calibrate itself to gradually overcome many of the neurological disorders currently deemed incurable.

Many people suffering from mental and social illness as a result of brain injury, autism, attention deficit, post traumatic stress, and depression turn to pharmaceutical treatment, which often proves costly, and if such treatment is effective, results in lifelong dependency. Synaptic Connections is a non-profit organization which seeks to make brain-based therapies widely accepted and available.



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